André Nivarlet arrived in Savy in 1774 by wedding with Catherine Josephe Philippe from Savy, André is Bastogne‘s bourgmestre during the french revolution. His son Richard André Nivarlet, called André, take over the farm in 1812 when his father died, he get married with Marie Jeanne Habay from Luzery, they had 5 children, Jean André Nivarlet, dit André, the oldest son take off the farm with his wife Anne Catherine Grandhenry from Hemroulle, they increase Nivarlet's domaine which represents at that period more then 100 hectares. In 1905, Alfred get married with Ernestine Delferière and take over the farm. In 1917/1918 theis third son put fire in the old familly jouse, Alfred rebuild the old familly. André Louis and Georges represents the last generation taking over the farm. Since 1995, the farm house changed it's vocation, activity as been stopped and became today a bad and breakfast.